About Us

In the Tagalog word saka means "to farm". In Ilocano, it means "foot".

SAKA is a genuine farm: with vegetable and fruit plants growing and a few animals too. It is located in one of the areas in Tarlac that's known for the rice fields: San Juan de Valdez.

About the Resort

A place carefully designed to help you reconnect

The concept for the pool is equivalent to its meaning in Ilocano: a footprint. There are 5 toes that serve as kiddie pools and the main foot would be a 16x32m lap pool, with a slope of 3-5 feet.

Saka Resort is located at San Juan de Valdez, Tarlac, just 15 minutes away from the city proper, is 3 minutes away from the newly built Tarlac Recreational Park, and 30 minutes and on the way if you're going to visit the Tarlac Monastery.

We are open from 9am-6pm for day swim, 6pm-10pm for night swim, and we also accept overnight stay.