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This farm resort offers a unique private pool shaped as a footprint and a natural farm.
Wander through the natural garden design.

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The concept for the pool is equivalent to its meaning in Ilocano. It's shaped as a footprint. There are 5 toes that serve as kiddie pools and the main foot would be a 16x32m lap pool, with a slope of 3-5 feet.

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We are open from 9am - 5pm for day swim, 3pm - 8pm for night swim, and we also accept overnight stay 2pm - 11am

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A genuine farm
inside our resort

SAKA is a genuine farm: with vegetable and fruit plants growing and a few animals too. It is located in one of the areas in Tarlac that's known for the rice fields: San Juan de Valdez.

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“Extremely nice environment, the room was great, the service was awesome, really helpful and great service I'll visit them again in the near future.”

Robert Miller
Tarlac City

“Everything was absolutely great, staff were excellent and helpful. Room was spacious and clean. Breakfast was great.”

Sophie Moore
Tarlac City

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